High Priest & Satanic Model Caesar's Bio.

Rev. Caesar 999 is my pen name and spiritual name. I am a Satanic Author, Publisher, Mystic, Shaman, etc. I have been a practicing Satanist or Satanic Mystic for over 20 years. Through my Spiritual Evolution I have gone from being a Devil Worshiper, to an atheistic Laveyan Satanist, to a personal form of Theistic Satanism combined with Kali Worship, Tantrism, and Shakti Hinduism. There is a major focus upon worship of Satanic Creation in the form of the Goddess Kali, or Satanic Kali, etc.

I have written on many subjects including spirituality, philosophy, poetry, occult, vampirism, and Satanism, etc. I also write songs and used to do vocals for my death metal and industrial band project known as the Church of The Antichrist 999.

I am an independent publisher with 1 magazine and 10 books published so far. Plus, many more in the process of being published. My first book Satan's Divine Vampir Bible, I had printed for my Church around 2005 and 2006. Then I re-published it in 2007 as The Satanic Bible (by Rev. Caesar 999) with the ISBN 978-0-615-16991-0.

The Satanic Bible is the foundational book for my form of Spiritual Satanism which is called Spiritual Satanism 999. A new version of this Satanic Bible has been published near the end of 2011. This new version is called The Satanic Bible 2012 and The Satanic Bible 2012 E-Book with the ISBN's 978-0-9840313-1-3, 978-0-9840313-0-6.

In February 2012, I published one of my early spiritual books called The Crystal Tower and it has the ISBN 978-0-9840313-2-0. This book is filled with philosophy and a spirtual fictional novel.

Satan's Sorcery Volume I, The Eye of Satan was published in April of 2012 and has the ISBN 978-0-9840313-3-7.

The Quest was published in 2014. This is another one of my first spiritual and poetry books which I wrote as a teenager. The ISBN is 978-0-9840313-6-8.

The Shadow Garden was also published in 2014. This also is another one of my spiritual, philosophical, and poetry books written early on. The ISBN is 978-0-9840313-7-5.

Welcome to Zone X, my teenage science fiction novel was published in 2015. The ISBN is 978-0-9840313-8-2.

The Satanic Bible Magazine first issue was published in 2015.The ISBN is 978-1-943287-00-0. The ISSN is 2471-2760.

Heaven on Earth was published in 2017. The ISBN is 978-0-9840313-9-9.

The Tantric Hindu Bible was published in 2018. The ISBN is 978-1-943287-01-7.

The Satanic Market was published in Jan. 2019. The ISBN is 978-1-943287-03-1

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